There are many travel advertisements that tell you to find your adventure, take an adventure, and make your life an adventure. However, an adventure is different from person to person. What does adventure mean to you?

Pushing the limits:  “You’re daring yourself to try something new, and then doing it,” said Jackie, who enjoys pushing the limits on what she thinks she can handle, without needlessly terrifying herself.

Last year, she got a new kayak for Christmas. “I don’t want to take it down rapids like you see on the Colorado River, but I do want to explore local lakes with it, and go beyond when possible,” she said. She also likes to travel solo by car on road trips, exploring new sights on my own.

She completed a 15-day river trip in the Grand Canyon, even though she’s afraid of the water. “I did manage to put up my own tent and sleep out under the open sky, despite my fear of snakes,” she said. “I’m good with some amount of heightened anxiety because of the unknown. I think it’s good to be out in nature, but I know my limits. I know where the boundaries lie for me, and also when I’m comfortable pushing them further out a little. I think it’s good to push yourself in that way.”

Out of your comfort zone: To Kayla, adventure is anything outside of her comfort zone. “Sometimes, an adventure is piling in the car at 10 p.m. to go to LL Bean because it’s still open instead of sitting and watching T.V. and sometimes it’s swimming with sharks in the Caribbean,” she said. “A lot of adventure to me is about being with the right people who make even the mundane epic.”

As a plus-sized traveler, Claudia said that adventure for her is pushing herself out of her comfort zone. She’s hiked the Inca trail, jumped from long-tail boats throughout SE Asia, and booked last minute solo travel. She said it’s all about a meaningful experience.

Awe and wonder: For Diane, the adventure is found in making an effort to reach or discover a place that fills her with awe and wonder. “It could be almost anything, but I really recall feeling the force of this idea when we saw our first wild African animals, and I realized I was enthralled in part because I knew how much work it had taken to get there (i.e. sailing 3/4 of the way around the world).”

Having a positive mindset: Sheryl said that adventure is going outside her comfort zone plus having a certain type of mindset. “I never say that I am lost, I am exploring new routes,” she said.

Really, adventure is anything you want it to be.

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