Cruises come with many amenities, from poolside activities to casinos, spas, movie theaters, A-lister entertainment and more.  But for some cruisers, it’s just not enough and they wish that their cruise ships came with even more, such as:

Meditation room: Although some cruise ships have a meditation room as part of their spa, some travelers would like a separate mediation room that’s tranquil and peaceful.

Indoor water park: As ships get bigger, more and more people want to see more amusement type of activities, such as Royal Caribbean with bumper cars and carousel and Norwegian with go-Karts. Indoor water parks are good for when it rains.

Lazy rivers: Lounging in the water on the boat is relaxation on top of relaxation and cruisers want even more of that on the ship.

Bigger beds: Okay, so it’s not a lazy river, but cruisers still want comfort inside their cabins too. For example, an actual double, queen or king-sized bed, not just two twin beds squeezed together.

More creative classes: Imagine learning about the language of the country where you are cruising to while you are on the cruise? Some travelers are looking more for an educational experience that combines fun and learning.

Sports gambling: You can count on cruises to have roulette tables and slot machines, but what about being able to throw a few dollars down on the game of the day or the ponies? Cruisers who like to gamble want a few other options.

Ice skating: Cruises are known for their nice warm weather but what if they have amenities that are “ice” weather? Jody, a common cruise traveler, went on a Royal Caribbean cruise several years ago that had ice skating, but it’s not necessarily a common activity on the ships. That is what makes it fun. It’s not something you’d expect on a ship.

If you’re thinking of taking your first cruise, or you are a regular cruiser and are looking for something different to do, ask your travel agent to find you the perfect match for your next vacation. Cruising has something for everyone, but there’s always room for more!

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