What Does Group Pricing Really Mean?


Thinking about traveling with a group of people? Great! Traveling with others, whether they’re your friends, family or even strangers with the same agenda, can make any trip all that more special. Some of the more popular types of group travel include wedding groups, family reunion groups and bachelor or bachelorette parties. Sharing your travels with those who have the same or similar interests as you can make any trip more exciting, and can save you money due to the group pricing discounts many places offer to those who are traveling in a group.

Group Discounts

Traveling with a group often means you’re going to get a lower price because the majority of hotels, airlines, resorts and cruises like to offer group discounts. They offer discounts because they want to encourage group travel, as the goal of every hotel, airline, resort and cruise is to book as many people as possible. Depending on the number of people who are traveling together as a group is one of the main factors when it comes to determining the amount of the group discount, with most places requiring a group of at least 10 people to qualify. Know that larger groups can expect even bigger discounts.

Group Pricing

When it comes to group pricing, every company is going to have their own group rate policies. This makes it necessary for traveling groups to contact any and all companies when interested in getting a group price in order to get the necessary and fine details. For the most part, the bigger the group is the bigger the discount is going to be. While some traveling companies will offer groups a 5% travel discount, others will offer 10%. Possibly even more for really large travel groups!

So what does group pricing really mean? It means that a group can expect to receive a fixed price for their travels, which allows everyone to know exactly what their travel costs are going to be. Group pricing often allows for flexible terms, and includes all payment policies and cancellation policies the group must abide by. Although travelers will indeed receive a discount when traveling in a group, they can also earn what are known as group extras. These group perks can include things like free upgrades and free hotel rooms, which means traveling groups are going to save even more!

Group Perks

Booking a traveling group through a travel agency will often bring additional perks, like personalized support and services that simply can’t be found anywhere else. Because traveling in a group tends to require a lot of organization, know that a professional travel agent can help create a group itinerary that will allow for a truly fun group vacation experience.

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